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Rocketcases: 6 figures in 12 months, part time & started with $1500 in Competitive Market – with Skye Chilton [Big Lessons]

Skye Chilton is the cofounder of Rocketcases that make iphone cases as cool as they are protective. There cases are sold in Best Buy, Amazon and in Vancouver retail stores.


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Their first year of business they did 6 figures working part time and started with $1500 between the 3 of them.


-How did the company do 6 figures of income working part time in their first year on business?

-What are their challenges in working with manufacturers in China?

-What influenced Skye on growing up?

-What did Skye learn from his Dad’s unique business?


-What is the inspiration and drive he got from his mom?


Watch full video interview

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