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Matt Miller is Founder of School Spirit Vending. The combined efforts of his business and his franchisees, allowed them to sell  over 5 million stickers last year alone while helping schools raise funds. School Spirit Vending has accumulated over $12 Million in sales over the past few years.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:39] Jeremy’s welcome and introduction to this episode with guest Matt Miller, founder of School Spirit Vending.
  • [0:01:10] Did you ever think you’d sell over $12M in stickers?
  • [0:01:39] What were you thinking when you first started this?
  • [0:02:50] Can you share something that was really tough at the time that you can laugh about now?
  • [0:04:45] How do you handle tough situations like that with your family?
  • [0:06:41] The transition from job to entrepreneur.
  • [0:08:30] When did you transition full-time into being an entrepreneur?
  • [0:09:25] What made things change around 2008-09?
  • [0:10:35] Matt shares his sales pitch.
  • [0:11:29] Some obstacles you face when you try to get vending machines into restaurants.
  • [0:13:16] Matt discusses his decision to enter the Air Force and the experience of being in the military.
  • [0:20:02] Matt talks about some of the campaigns he saw that worked during his time in the industry.
  • [0:27:53] The decision to get into vending machines and the success Matt had right away.
  • [0:32:06] The next major milestone with vending machines.
  • [0:39:16] The benefits to schools of having one of your machines.
  • [0:39:53] The transition into franchising.
  • [0:42:58] Structuring the franchise model.
  • [0:46:16] One mistake you train franchisees to avoid.
  • [0:55:55] Matt’s favorite success story with franchisees.
  • [1:00:15] The low point for Matt in his journey.
  • [1:02:41] The proudest moment for Matt.
  • [1:05:35] How to connect with Matt.
  • [1:07:11] Matt’s comic book company.

In this episode…

Accumulating over $12M in sticker sales is no small feat - and it wasn’t always easy. Matt discusses his road to success and the many obstacles he faced along the way, including going from “hero” to “zero” in his career and having major financial issues as a result. Through his focus on survival, Matt discovered the vending business. Things were tough, and Matt worked hard to turn things around for himself and his family. He shares how he managed to beat the odds and build a hugely successful business.

Matt shares his low point, which came after suffering a career setback that caused him to lose a huge chunk of his annual income. He discusses with great honesty what it was like to be in such dire straits with a family to support and why he chose to be totally honest with his children about their situation. Matt also shares the lowest point - being forced to buy York Peppermint Patties instead of birthday cake, because that was all they could afford. To this day, Matt and his family have Peppermint Patties on birthdays as a reminder of how far they’ve come.

Matt discusses his experience in the military and the decision to leave the Air Force to give corporate America a shot. He talks about some of the frustrations of his corporate job and what eventually pushed him in the direction of entrepreneurship. Matt shares insight into the 7-year grind of transitioning from his corporate job into being a full time entrepreneur.

As they close out their chat, Jeremy and Matt talk about some of the things that have inspired him along the way and how he’s managed to transform his business from 1 used gumball machine in a restaurant to a flourishing million-dollar business. He also discusses the decision to franchise and what it’s like to see the success of his franchisees. Matt closes with his proudest moment: being able to pay cash for his kids’ college tuition. That’s the stuff a success story is made of.

Resources Mentioned on this episode

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This is a dedication to Jordan Guernsey may he rest in peace.


I released this interview again today because Jordan embodied gratitude and appreciation even when times were tough. It is only fitting to release on Thanksgiving.


The following description was from the original post with Jordan:

Jordan was founder of Molding Box a logistics and transportation company that has grown to a multimillion dollar a year company and has gained several recognitions in the Inc 500. He started it in his moms basement in 2006.

He was nominated twice for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year & was the youngest person on Utah Business list of 40 under 40 .

Listen to this interview to hear how Jordan handled In April 2012 when he was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma and how he looks at Cancer as the best thing that has ever happened to him.


Hear Jordan’s journey and the hard decision he had to make in his life and business after getting sick.

Molding Box was founded in November of 2005, as a simplified outsourcing solution. Providing its customers with flexible printing solutions, scalable shipping and handling services, as well as, disc media production.

It all started when Jordan Guernsey decided to branch out from a previous employer. He moved back into his parent’s house and set up shop in their basement, armed with only a credit card and a blessing. Once Molding Box started racking up clients, the company faced a new problem- financing a growing business. Trusting his idea would take off, Jordan put everything he had, a Visa with a $12,000 limit and $500 in cash into his company. His gamble paid off, within the first year Molding Box had eight employees all working in his parent’s basement. Molding Box started to take on a life of its own.

Matthew Zachary Founder and CEO of Stupid Cancer which is the largest charity addressing young adult cancer. He is also the Founder of Instapeer, the first anonymous mobile matching platform for cancer patients and caregivers.


He was a concert pianist when he was diagnosed with brain cancer at 21.




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Ramona Pierson is cofounder of Declara, a learning technology that bridges artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and algorithms that are under lock and key. Previously, Ramona was founder of SynapticMash which was acquired by Promethean for estimated ~$10million. She had to relearn everything --from walking to talking to eating and even breathing.

She is truly the perfect example of the phrase -- triumph of the human spirit.

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Tom Szaky is one of the top eco-friendly entrepreneurs of the planet. Tom is the founder of Terracycle, a company which makes consumer products out of waste.


His company collected over 1.5 million cigarette butts in a year and 500 million juice pouches. They make goods out of garbage from backpacks to fence posts and much more.

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Dr. Glenn Livingston is the founder of the International Coach Certification Academy. He has more experience in both coaching and business development than the founders of virtually any other coach certification program on the planet.


Together with his wife and cofounder Dr Sharon Livingston, they  have sold over $30,000,000 in consulting services to major brands like AT&T, American Express, L’Oreal and many more.  They are among the few ‘marketing psychologists' that billion-dollar companies have used to crawl deep inside their prospects' minds and uncover exactly what customers were desperate to buy and how to improve profits on existing product lines.

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Beth Scott is a United States Paralympian who earned 17 Paralympic medals (10 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze) in the Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney games between 1992 and 2000

She had seven world, paralympic and american records.  In 1993 and 1996, she was chosen as the USOC Blind Athlete of the Year


Watch Interview:

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Jayson Gaignard is the founder of Mastermind Talks which is an annual invite only event for elite entrepreneurs such as Tim Ferriss, Marc Ecko, and many more .


He started Mastermind Talks after building up ticketscanada to $6million in revenue.  Hear how that business left him a quarter million dollars in debt and much more.  

For full Video Interview click here>>

BJ Bedford Miller is an Olympic Gold Medalist and Former World Record Holder. What does it take to become best in the world?

Watch Full Video click here>>




Former World Record Holder at the 2000 Sydney Olympics for the  400 Medley Relay.


She was also:

* 2 x World Champion, 1998 (Bronze medalist, 1994)

* 8 x US National Champion 1991-2000

* 2 x Pan American Games Champion, 1995

and the list goes on.




Kylie Simonds  was diagnosed three years ago with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer that affects bone or soft tissue. Kylie’s battle with Cancer sparked Innovation with her invention for an IV Pediatric backpack for kids with Cancer.

For much more click here to watch>>