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INspired INsider Podcast

INspiredINsider Show with Dr. Jeremy Weisz features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, Ecommerce founders, & visionary leaders.

Leaders reveal deeply personal stories and explore the tough journey, big challenges, and mistakes that they overcame to achieve success.

You will find inspiring stories from: Founders of Atari, Baby Einstein, P90X, Einstein Bagels, Skymall, and many more.

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Jun 30, 2015


John Dwyer (JD) is the Founder of The Institute of Wow. He has created marketing that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients.  JD has advised McDonald's, KFC, Westfield, and many others and has also worked closely with the Walt Disney & Warner Bros. Entertainment empires in...

Jun 25, 2015

David Kekich is a recognized authority on longevity science. He founded the Maximum Life Foundation ( in 1999 and is dedicated to curing aging related diseases. He is also CEO of Age Reversal inc. and Scycog


They have a team of world renowned scientists and researchers working on cutting edge health...

Jun 23, 2015


Ron Popeil is one of the legends of infomercials and direct response marketing. Over the last 40 years, Ron's products have pulled in more than $2 billion in sales. He is the most famous for products and infomercials like the Showtime Rotisserie where he says “Set it an forget it”, the Chop-O-Matic, Veg-O-Matic,...

Jun 18, 2015

Steve Sipress is a top direct response marketer and has built nearly a dozen successful companies including Simulated Sports Services, Winners Circle Promotions, and many more.  How can you use The WOW! Strategy™ to help increase sales and marketing.


Jun 16, 2015

Michael Hauge is one of the top story experts for Hollywood writers, filmmakers, studios, and business leaders. He is the founder of and has coached producers and stars for the past 35 years.  He has worked on  I Am Legend, Hancock and The Karate Kid for Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment; Masters...