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Leaders reveal deeply personal stories and explore the tough journey, big challenges, and mistakes that they overcame to achieve success.

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Apr 22, 2021

Reid Tracy is the President and CEO of Hay House, a self-help publishing company dedicated to supporting positive change through their books, events, online courses, and more. Starting as a CFO over 30 years ago, Reid joined Hay House and became instrumental in the careers of authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Esther and Jerry Hicks. As the company grew, he helped establish home offices in New York, London, Sydney, and New Delhi.

Under Reid’s time as CEO, Hay House has become one of the leading self-empowerment publishing companies with their books available in more than 35 countries. In addition to his work within publishing, Reid also serves as the President of the Hay Foundation, a nonprofit organization that seeks to empower women, children, and animals. 

In this episode…

There is seemingly no end to the number of self-help books on the market. Finding books that actually empower or encourage can feel impossible. However, there are publishing companies that carefully curate their selection to make that process a little easier. That’s where Hay House comes in.

For Reid Tracy, working with insightful authors is his passion. He has worked at Hay House since 1988 and has managed to build it into one of the most influential self-empowerment publishing companies in the world. Recently, Hay House started its own business imprint, simply named Hay House Business. By venturing into the business world, Hay House’s books are now aimed to help readers in both their personal and professional lives. 

On this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz takes the time to interview Reid Tracy, CEO and President of Hay House, to find out more about Reid’s long-standing career in publishing. Reid talks about authors that he has worked with, his strategies for promoting books, and some of the other ventures that Hay House is working on. Plus, Reid discloses what he looks for in new manuscripts. Stay tuned!