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INspired INsider Podcast

INspiredINsider Show with Dr. Jeremy Weisz features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, Ecommerce founders, & visionary leaders.

Leaders reveal deeply personal stories and explore the tough journey, big challenges, and mistakes that they overcame to achieve success.

You will find inspiring stories from: Founders of Atari, Baby Einstein, P90X, Einstein Bagels, Skymall, and many more.

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Jun 16, 2022

Winnie Hart is the Founder and Chief Right Engine of TwinEngine, a brand growth agency fueled by purpose. Winnie is an industry-recognized interpreter of a business' brand and personality. She brings more than 30 years of experience in impacting firms and leaders to know what they stand for so that they can make a difference in the world. 

She is the Author of Stand Out: Tools to Manage the 8 Fundamentals of Standing Out in Business. Winnie is also the creator of the One Page Marketing Plan and Brand in the Box, which are strategic tools to help brands build a clear, structured plan to stand out. For the past 15-plus years, Winnie has been a member and is currently a Global Board Director of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). 

In this episode…

Is your business missing out on opportunities, and you don't know why? Or has your business grown to a level where you've lost touch with why you started in the first place? If you said yes to any of those questions, your business is out of alignment. And that impacts everything, including employee and customer retention and finding partnerships.

The secret to changing that and unlocking your brand's sustainable growth is aligning your brand strategy with your business strategy (and no, they're not the same). Knowing what your business stands for is one thing, but knowing the difference you make in the world is another, and marrying those two is where many businesses struggle. Want to learn more?

Listen to this Inspired Insider Podcast episode with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring the Founder and Chief Right Engine of TwinEngine, Winnie Hart. They discuss what goes into creating a brand strategy, identifying and sticking to your target audience, why it matters, and more.