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INspiredINsider Show with Dr. Jeremy Weisz features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, Ecommerce founders, & visionary leaders.

Leaders reveal deeply personal stories and explore the tough journey, big challenges, and mistakes that they overcame to achieve success.

You will find inspiring stories from: Founders of Atari, Baby Einstein, P90X, Einstein Bagels, Skymall, and many more.

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Dec 31, 2015

Dr. Jeff Spencer is Founder of the Champions Blueprint. He is a former Olympian and Over the last forty years, he has worked alongside some of our generation’s greatest achievers: Sir Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, U2, Olympic gold medalists, just to name a few. It is not often I feature a fellow Chiropractor. People call him the Cornerman to World-Champion athletes and business leaders.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • [0:25] Welcome to the episode’s guest, Dr. Jeff Spencer.
  • [1:18] An interesting fact about Dr. Spencer: An accomplished Glass Sculptor.
  • [3:27] Why working harder is NOT the path to true success.
  • [8:02] An example of where people think a path will lead to success, but it doesn’t.
  • [10:27] How to get out of the “work harder” mindset.
  • [12:23] The things that drove Dr. Jeff from a very early age.
  • [14:32] Mentors who have influenced Dr. Spencer’s journey.
  • [15:29] Rare mental tweaks learned from his mentor.
  • [16:56] What is going through your mind when you’re feeling the pain? How do you push through?
  • [18:37] Dr. Spencer’s experience as an athlete in the Olympics.
  • [23:14] The type of training required to get to an Olympic level of performance.
  • [25:28] The inspiration behind Dr. Spencer’s book and program.
  • [28:20] The first steps toward establishing a Champion’s Blueprint.
  • [30:27] The biggest challenge people have in determining what their legacy will be.
  • [32:46] The power of envisioning how your life will change when you develop the champion’s mindset.
  • [34:00] The real issues behind developing a strong mindset.
  • [35:32] How physical health fits into the champion’s mindset and how Dr. Spencer manages his own diet and health.
  • [38:53] Understanding whether you have the material assets to begin and the challenges in accumulating them.
  • [40:51] Gaining early momentum in your Champion’s Blueprint and why the plan has to flex as you go.
  • [43:34] Developing the skill to achieve the goal, to the point that you can’t get it wrong.
  • [45:40] The strangest application this approach has been used for.
  • [47:35] How to begin implementing this approach in business.
  • [51:25] Accessing Dr. Spencer’s help and resources.
  • [52:28] An example of Dr. Spencer’s help to high level performers.
  • [57:57] How the principles apply in a “make or break” performance.
  • [59:51] Books from Dr. Spencer.
  • [1:00:45] The kinds of things Dr. Spencer wants to know in big time businesses (like the advice he gave to Richard Branson).
  • [1:02:20] The first things Dr. Jeff did after graduating High School.
  • [1:05:16] Why Jeremy sees Dr. Jeff as the “turn the corner” man - and what it was like to work with someone like Lance Armstrong.
  • [1:09:20] Dr. Spencer’s biggest challenges throughout his career.
  • [1:11:27] The lowest point in Dr. Jeff’s life and how he pushed through it.
  • [1:15:19] The proudest moment in Dr. Spencer’s life.
  • [1:19:04] Amazing things Dr. Jeff has learned from his adopted daughter.

In this episode…

How many things in life have defeated you? Looking back, how many of those defeats were because of a breakdown in your will… you simply didn’t want it badly enough?

Those are some of the most difficult questions to answer, both because we don’t naturally tend toward knowing ourselves that well, and because we are not adequately trained to make those assessments about ourselves and our lives from an early age.

Today’s conversation with Dr. Jeff Spencer may help you make up for some lost ground in those areas. Dr. Spencer is a performance coach for people ranging from elite athletes to high profile business figures like Sir Richard Branson. His insights are not the common “trust the universe” mantra, but something more practical and real.

The Champion’s Blueprint, step by step

On this episode of Inspired Insider, Dr. Spencer shares the basic steps of his “Champion’s Blueprint” methodology, unpacking a wealth of knowledge about how our minds and wills operate, why our cultures typical “gap approach” to achievement and performance is proven to be antithetical to high levels of achievement, and how you can begin training your mind to propel you to the levels of accomplishment you desire.

If you’re looking for mindset tips to increase performance, Dr. Spencer is the guy to point you in the right direction.

In his work with athletes and business leaders Dr. Spencer has had the opportunity to not only mentor people to greater levels of success, but to continue honing his performance theories and his understanding of human achievement. The lessons he’s learned in the trenches of his own athletic career (he was an Olympian back in the day), business consulting, and performance coaching continues to serve himself and others in a variety of powerful ways.

So grab a cup of coffee and a notepad and get ready to learn - about yourself, your failures, your successes, and what’s possible when you develop a champion’s mindset.

Our massive thanks goes out to Dr. Jeff Spencer for giving us so much time and such powerful information.

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