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Dec 20, 2023

Bezalel Raviv is the Founder of Lionsgate Network, a company specializing in cyber intelligence, blockchain analysis, and fraud detection services. He has an impressive track record in helping victims recover their funds from scams involving cryptocurrencies and online frauds. Recently, Bezalel's company has been in the spotlight after it thwarted hacking attempts and intercepted an impressive $90 million in Hamas funds. Bezalel is also the Founder and CEO of Halleluiah, a company that introduced music to metaverse, paving a new culture of copyrights management through blockchain.

In this episode…

Today, the extensive use of the internet has connected people globally, making sharing information and even funds much easier. With billions of people embracing this technology, scams and various forms of exploitation are increasingly common. What support systems are in place for victims of internet fraud?

Bezalel Raviv outlines the process his company, Lionsgate Network, uses to help victims of scams in the crypto and digital spaces. He shares the challenges that victims face when seeking help from authorities, and how his company steps in to provide efficient solutions.

In this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast, host Dr. Jeremy Weisz welcomes Bezalel Raviv, Founder of Lionsgate Network, to discuss the crucial role they play in making blockchain transactions safer and more transparent — including a recent interception of $90 million in funds intended to fund Hamas terrorism. Bezalel's technical expertise, diligent team, and robust technology made it possible to identify the suspects involved. He shares how his team not only investigates suspected accounts but also has a system in place for preventive monitoring. Bezalel’s ultimate goal goes beyond gathering data — it’s about ensuring a conclusion that serves justice and improves blockchain security.