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Today we have a legend of fitness ...

Tony Horton is the master behind the best selling fitness program  P90X®.  They have helped millions get fit.

They have sold a  whopping  $500+ million in sales of fitness programs like the highly acclaimed P90X®, Power 90®, One on One with Tony Horton, and the newest one P90X3 which is a 30min workout.

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Chris Clark is cofounder of Walla Media, a full service advertising agency. They bootstrapped the business from $0 to over $2million a month in just over 3 years.

He is also Founder and CEO of Lexicon digital media group that owns and operates several cutting edge web properties in the Health and Wellness space.

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Christopher Ategeka was Voted a Forbes top 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur.

Chris founded which helps people  in rural Uganda to receive critical health services. They are focused on building and distributing  locally made bicycles and bike-ambulances to reduce maternal and child mortality.

We are going to hear more about how and why he started his non-profit Cabikes, while finishing his PhD in engineering at Berkeley.

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Jack Andraka is an inventor, scientist and cancer researcher. He is the recipient of many awards for his revolutionary work in developing a rapid and inexpensive method to detect early stage pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer. His test is 168 times faster, 400 times more sensitive and 26,000 times less expensive than the medical standard  and did I mention he was 15 when he created it. He has been honored at the white house, featured on 60min, and speaks all over the world.

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Jeremy Hague has co-founded three successful software applications which extend the functionality of Skype. He is the CEO and Cofounder of VodburnerCallBurner and Skylook.

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Vodburner is one of the most popular products that records skype video calls on PC. His company started creating software applications for skype before skype even had video.

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Rocketcases: 6 figures in 12 months, part time & started with $1500 in Competitive Market – with Skye Chilton [Big Lessons]

Skye Chilton is the cofounder of Rocketcases that make iphone cases as cool as they are protective. There cases are sold in Best Buy, Amazon and in Vancouver retail stores.


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Their first year of business they did 6 figures working part time and started with $1500 between the 3 of them.


-How did the company do 6 figures of income working part time in their first year on business?

-What are their challenges in working with manufacturers in China?

-What influenced Skye on growing up?

-What did Skye learn from his Dad’s unique business?


-What is the inspiration and drive he got from his mom?


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