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Today we have Brad Weimert, he started Easy Pay Direct in 2009 – It is an online credit card processing company for high-level e-commerce businesses. They especially help high volume businesses susceptible to consumer disputes. The Easy Pay Direct Platform currently serves more than 60,000 merchants. Including Infusionsoft, Digital Marketer, and many more.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy introduces today’s guest, Brad Weimert.
  • [4:40] Who was Brad’s first hire?
  • [6:10] What were some of the milestones for Easy Pay Direct early on?
  • [8:30] The lowest moment for Brad and Easy Pay Direct.
  • [14:00] What is one of the best pieces of advice Brad has received?
  • [15:30] Brad’s craziest moment as an adventurer.

In this episode…

The journey to success is often slower and more complicated than many people give it credit. We love to hear stories of overnight success and rags to riches tales of glory. But the truth of the matter is that many success stories take time. Quality work and steady leadership over long periods of time don’t usually grab the headlines. Brad Weimert built Easy Pay Direct on slow and steady success. On this episode of Inspired Insider, tune in to hear Brad’s story, the ups and downs, and what motivated him to put it all on the line to start something he believes in.

Why are so many business leaders and entrepreneurs thrill seekers? From running marathons to skydiving, to mountain climbing, it's a common thread among many business leaders to push themselves to the limit. Brad Weimert is no different, he learned that there is a correlation with pushing himself physically and pushing himself in the financial and business sector. It was after a trip to climb some mountains in the Swiss Alps that Brad decided that he was ready to start Easy Pay Direct. In what ways are you pushing yourself? What lessons can you learn from Brad’s story? Take twenty minutes and listen to this episode of Inspired Insider, you won’t regret it!

One of the most difficult times for an entrepreneur is often simultaneously the scariest. When you have your hopes, dreams, and future riding on the success of the business that you are starting, that can be nerve racking. Brad Weimert found himself in this situation as he contemplated the steps necessary to start Easy Pay Direct. He knew that he had to make a significant risk and take on some debt to get started. Brad pushed through this difficult period and was able to build a successful business. The beginning was challenging and the success didn’t come easily but the journey shaped him into a better business leader. Make sure to catch more of Brad’s story on this episode of Inspired Insider.

You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” There is a lot of truth to that statement. Many business leaders get so caught up in the process and details that they can end up so focused on the smaller things that they lose sight of the big picture. Brad Weimert received this helpful word of advice and it changed his thinking. Someone once told him that “The destination is not the outcome, it a beacon.” This truth has resonated with Brad. He keeps it close to remind him not to get swept away in the objectives or goals but see them in their proper place, as guiding lights. This word of wisdom might be just the thing you need to implement today. To hear more insights from Brad, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

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Today we have Jake Atwood founder of Buzzbuilder, which is software that allows sales professionals to automate their cold email outreach. His singular focus is to make it easy for salespeople to pack their pipeline with qualified leads. He shows a warmer approach for prospecting to busy executives besides the dreaded cold calling methods. has tools and programs that have been implemented by over 25,000 sales professionals.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:55] Jeremy introduces his guest Jake Atwood.
  • [2:00] Which hard to reach executives has Jake and his team been able to contact?
  • [6:00] Follow up is HUGE!
  • [7:00] Long prospects.
  • [10:40] How did Jake get started with Telemasters?
  • [14:00] What are some of the lessons Jake learned from working with his Uncle?
  • [16:20] What is the process once you have a prospect?
  • [19:00] How do people usually come to Buzzbuilder?
  • [21:20] What are some of the common mistakes most salespeople make?
  • [23:30] What was Ovation Sales Group?
  • [24:30] Jake’s best results from coaching.
  • [28:00] At what point did Jake decided he needed to create a software?
  • [32:20] What was the learning curve like with Buzzbuilder?
  • [33:30] What is the advantage with using Buzzbuilder?
  • [37:30] Jake’s favorite success story of someone using Buzzbuilder.
  • [39:40] Elements for successful cold emails.
  • [44:00] Pricing for Buzzbuilder.
  • [46:20] The story of growth at Buzzbuilder.
  • [50:20] Challenges Jake has faced.
  • [52:00] What software does Jake and his team use?
  • [55:00] Where did Jake learn copywriting and direct response?
  • [56:00] The lowest point and the proudest moment for Jake and Buzzbuilder.
  • [1:03:20] Who does Jake go to learn from?

In this episode…

Can cold emailing be successful? Is there more to it than just email blasting a list of prospects you acquire from a vendor? Sales and marketing expert Jake Atwood started a company called Buzzbuilder to address cold emailing. He has built a successful team around him that has tapped into this often underutilized market. On this episode of Inspired Insider, hear from Jake as he discusses the power of follow-up, common mistakes salespeople make, cold emailing tips, and much more! Find out how you can leverage the lessons and skills Jake has developed.

Most people are focused on immediate results. Patience is not necessarily a virtue in our culture let alone when it comes to sales. What is the solution? Should you expect immediate results or is there a better long term approach? At Buzzbuilder, Jake Atwood and his team emphasize the power of follow-up. They know that most sales prospects don’t respond to the first encounter or even the second! On average, it takes up to eight contacts with a prospect for them to reply and engage. Have you developed a strategy for follow-up? Find out how you can take your sales team to the next level with Jake’s tools and insights on this episode of Inspired Insider!

Pursuing success is not only about finding what works, it also includes identifying what doesn’t work and avoiding those mistakes. What are some common mistakes salespeople make? Jake Atwood has been in marketing and sales for many years. He knows what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few of common mistakes he’s identified.

  • Sending a one-time email blast to prospects doesn’t work. One size doesn't fit all!
  • Including a long copy isn’t helpful. It’s overwhelming. Less is more.
  • One call, voicemail, or email isn’t enough. Don’t give up. Keep trying!

Don’t miss more helpful insights and lessons from Jake on this episode of Inspired Insider!

What is so great about Buzzbuilder?

Honing into a niche market is a HUGE contributor to the success many startups experience. What does that process look like? Entrepreneur Jake Atwood built a successful company with the aim of addressing a problem in the marketplace no one was solving. From Jake’s efforts, Buzzbuilder was born. The niche that Jake and his team have cornered is cold emailing. They don’t just compete with companies that focus on email marketing, they specialize and excel in helping salespeople contact and build upon prospects they received from a vendor list. To hear more about how Jake built Buzzbuilder and the lessons you can learn from his success, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider!

Cold Emailing: Tips and best practices

How can you get the most out of your efforts with sending cold emails? What are you missing? Jake Atwood and his team at Buzzbulider have spent over 10 years perfecting their approach to getting results from cold emailing. Here are some of their tips.

  • Stop selling in the email subject line! Save it for the pitch.
  • Make it simple. Subject: Company Name Results.
  • Make a LinkedIn introduction. If you connect with them on LinkedIn, follow up with an email.

This is just a taste of the insights and tools you will hear about on this episode of Inspired Insider. Make sure to listen in to get more tips from Jake!

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Adam Witty is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advantage Media Group. What began in the spare bedroom of his home is now an international publishing company. Advantage has been named to the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies and as one of the Best Places to Work in South Carolina multiple years in a row. Adam is the author of five books and he is a chairman for both Nonprofit Youth Entrepreneurship S.C. and Clemson Entrepreneurship Institute.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:55] Jeremy introduces his guest Adam Witty.
  • [2:00] What does Adam look for in someone he will invest in?
  • [5:15] From a home office to exponential growth!
  • [7:30] People are your greatest asset.
  • [8:50] It’s your job as an entrepreneur to provide a stimulating workplace.
  • [10:00] How can other leaders learn from what you’ve done?

In this episode…

What ingredients are necessary for work culture, leaders, and businesses to thrive? How do you measure the results? Are they reproducible? On this episode of Inspired Insider, Jeremy has a powerful and wide-ranging discussion with Adam Witty. They discuss the qualities that Adam looks for in entrepreneurs that are looking for investors, building a healthy work culture, and so much more. The years of experience and wisdom that Adam brings to the table cannot be overstated, you don’t want to miss the helpful lessons to be learned from this episode. Grab a pen and some paper and tune in!

What do investors look for in a business opportunity? Is it the product? The plan? For many investors, it’s the person. Who is often more important than what or how when it comes to resourcing a business venture. On this episode of Inspired Insider, Jeremy sat down with business leader Adam Witty. Adam shared some of the qualities that he looks for when he is deciding which people to work with and invest in. The top priority is perseverance. Adam looks for someone who has the ability to face obstacles and adversity and not let it defeat them. He wants someone with thick skin who can “Take a few licks.” Adam expands on the qualities he looks for and more on this episode!

Have you ever had a job and felt like the hard work you produce day in and day out goes unnoticed? Why does that happen? Entrepreneur Adam Witty has taken great steps in his business to make sure this doesn’t happen. Adam and his team have implemented a tool called “Caught in the act of greatness.” Every Friday afternoon, everyone in the company fills out this form where they identify the quality work they’ve seen from someone in the company that week. This simple act is one of many ways they try to align with their core value to “Create an environment that breeds greatness.” Their efforts seem to be working, Adam’s company Advantage Media Group has cultivated an impressive reputation in their industry and region as a quality work culture. Don’t miss more insights from Adam on this episode of Inspired Insider!

Why are so many offices drab and boring? Is it any wonder why attitudes among the workforce match the surroundings? Business leader Adam Witty knows a thing or two about building a healthy work culture. His company, Advantage Media Group has been named one of the “Best Places to Work in South Carolina” multiple years in a row. Adam is passionate about valuing the people he employs. He says that people are the greatest asset any successful company has. It doesn’t just start and end there, Adam describes the tangible things he does to cultivate a healthy work culture. To hear more about Adam’s story of success, make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

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Tony Grebmeier is co-founder Ship Offers that he built with two of his Childhood friends, Doug Roberts and Gil Gerstein. Fifteen years later, ShipOffers is an eight-figure business that has been an INC 5000 Company for the past three years in a row. They ship out over 1 million orders per year. In 2008, Tony almost lost it all. He also runs the podcast the Tony G. Show -- bringing together his love for business and self-improvement.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:10] Jeremy welcomes his guest Tony Grebmeier to the show.
  • [2:10] How does Tony start his day?
  • [4:00] Serving people and leading with Hope.
  • [6:20] Learning how to be present.
  • [8:30] The number one person you can change is yourself.
  • [9:40] What scares Tony?
  • [14:10] What did Tony use to be like before all the changes?
  • [18:40] Tony talks about struggling with alcohol.
  • [20:15] Tony talks about growing up looking up to his mom.
  • [25:40] What did Tony want to be when he was younger?
  • [30:00] Money doesn’t buy happiness.
  • [35:20] How has the business changed over the years?
  • [51:20] What is hot and trending in supplements right now?
  • [55:20] What are some of the mistakes you are seeing new entrepreneurs make?
  • [58:00] The division of labor between Tony and his partners.
  • [1:00:30] What piece of advice would you give?
  • [1:04:20] Tony talks about making decisions with his partners. The Tripod Philosophy.
  • [1:09:00] Future dreams and plans for ShipOffers.
  • [1:11:00] Success and growth.
  • [1:14:00] Tony talks about the unique products he worked with.
  • [1:16:00] Service and bringing value to others.
  • [1:18:00] Building a quality team.
  • [1:23:30] Goals that scare you.
  • [1:30:30] Parting words of wisdom from Tony.

In this episode…

Is there happiness beyond success? Our country was founded on the ideal we call the “Pursuit of happiness.” But many people have attached this ideal to the amount of success or wealth someone has or doesn't’ have. On this episode of Inspired Insider, Jeremy sits down with innovator and entrepreneur, Tony Grebmeier. They discuss finding happiness beyond wealth and success, overcoming obstacles in life and business, and how to leave the world a better place. Tony’s experience in both success and failure brings a refreshingly honest and authentic approach. Don’t miss out on the lessons and insights he has to offer!

Success and fame can be powerful drugs. You’ve seen it play out on the headlines and on cable news. Sometimes the most powerful and successful people end up the most miserable because they’ve used and abused what they’ve earned. Tony Grebmeier has been there and seen the ugly underside of a life built purely on success and what you can get from other people. Today he speaks up in business and entrepreneurial circles about the danger of building your life and happiness on your success. Tony doesn't just talk a good game, his life demonstrates it. He has turned his life around and is dedicated to serving others and bringing value to the world. Make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider to hear more about Tony’s story.

Don’t waste your money. Learn from the mistakes of outspoken and successful business leaders like Tony Grebmeier. Tony has been through the ups and downs of starting his own business. He has made some terrible mistakes and he lives to tell the tale! He wants new business leaders to come and learn from the mistakes he has made along the way. He is open and honest so others don’t have to suffer the same setbacks he has endured. Learn from Tony’s wisdom and find out how you can save money and time on this episode of Inspired Insider.

What are you bringing to the table today? How are you making the world a better place? These are the questions that keep entrepreneur and business leader Tony Grebmeir up at night. Tony has built his life, especially in the last nine years, around helping others. He is an individual whose life has been changed and he is driven by a desire to help change other people's lives for the better. Part of that passion is fueled by the awesome work and service he provides through his company ShipOffers and the quality supplements they sell. To learn more about what motivates Tony and his infectious enthusiasm, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

When you get a guy like Tony Grebmeir talking about his passions and the lessons he has learned in life and business, coming away with one key truth can be difficult. Tony had so many great stories and truths to share but the one thing that he wanted to leave people with is this; be your word. What does that mean? It’s basically a relentless commitment to honoring others and being accountable for your own actions. This truth has changed Tony’s life and has influenced him to share what he has learned with others. To hear more from Tony and the life lessons that he is eager to share, make sure to listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

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Rise25 is where entrepreneurs of 6,7, and 8 figure businesses come together live and in person every few months to solve their biggest business challenges through this high-level Mastermind group. Each member leaves each week with lifelong friendships and actionable steps to take their business to the next level. Check out - a group run by myself and cofounder John Corcoran. Rise 25 is application only.

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Jay Steinfeld is the Founder of He set up the original e-commerce site NoBrainerBlinds for $3000 in 1996 and has since grown the e-commerce company to over $200 million in annual revenue. It is the world’s top retailer for blinds and shades and provides blinds for over a million windows every year. The company was acquired in 2014 by Home Depot.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy introduces his guest, Jay Steinfeld.
  • [2:00] Jay talks about marketing via video and social media in the 90’s.
  • [6:20] Utilizing radio and TV advertisements.
  • [8:00] Jay talks about Home Depot acquiring his business.
  • [14:00] Lessons learned from an acquisition.
  • [16:47] Why did Jay stay on once Home Depot acquired his company?
  • [18:10] What skill sets did Jay have to learn as a CEO that was different from being an entrepreneur?
  • [19:50] Hiring the right people and creating effective systems.
  • [21:10] What was the highest and lowest points for Jay in life and business?

In this episode…

Expanding leadership and influence is really the goal of anyone successful. People rise to the top not to hide their talents and success but to put them to greater and greater use. The same is true for entrepreneur Jay Steinfeld. He built, a successful company from the beginning and led it into a beneficial acquisition by Home Depot. This allowed Jay and his team to have an even greater platform to expand their leadership and influence on the marketplace. On this episode of Inspired Insider, listen to Jay talk about the early days of social media promotion, his experience with Home Depot, and other lessons in leadership.

Why did Jay Steinfeld lead his company into and stay on after their acquisition by Home Depot? Jay’s work building and creating a successful culture and product at wasn’t just business, it was passion. Jay loved the work he and his team were able to do, that’s why they accepted Home Depot’s offer. Because of their acquisition by such a large organization they were able to bring their product and success to a larger platform. It was this opportunity that thrilled Jay and brought him and his company through a beneficial transition. To hear more about how the acquisition happened and Jay’s lessons learned, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

Transitions in life and business can sometimes be extremely difficult. This is especially true when you go from something that is growing and successful into the unknown. Jay Steinfeld experienced this transition when his company that he founded was acquired by Home Depot. Jay went from a primary role as an entrepreneur to now operating as a CEO. This transition wasn’t necessarily bumpy or unpleasant just, new. He went from being a product expert to now having to run, manage, and expand the company’s influence and platform on a larger scale. It was an exciting and successful time for Jay and his team. Listen to this episode of Inspired Insider to hear more about Jay’s story.

Do you ever find yourself wondering that motivates high performing leaders and entrepreneurs? What is it that they believe in that makes them so fired up and dedicated? Jay Steinfeld is a successful entrepreneur and innovator. As he has grown as a leader over the years, Jay has developed and shared what drives his core values. He mentioned, creating the right systems, the right process, the right environment, and hiring the right people that fit. Don’t miss out on Jay expanding on these ideas and more on this episode of Inspired Insider!

Have you ever struggled with navigating a particularly difficult time in your life or business? How did you respond? Business leader, Jay Steinfeld went through one of the toughest things someone could face, the loss of a spouse. He cites this the lowest point in his life and one is quick to empathize. Even in his pain and loss, Jay was able to see the flourishing and success of the company he started. It's both of these moments, the devastating and the joyous that have shaped Jay into the leader he is today. Listen to this episode of Inspired Insider to hear more from Jay and his interesting journey.

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Rise25 is where entrepreneurs of 6,7, and 8 figure businesses come together live and in person every few months to solve their biggest business challenges through this high-level Mastermind group. Each member leaves each week with lifelong friendships and actionable steps to take their business to the next level. Check out - a group run by myself and cofounder John Corcoran. Rise 25 is application only.

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Today we have Russell Saks founder of Campus Protein. He started a national supplement company while attending Indiana University and grew it to over 1200 sales reps and he went from zero to 7 figures in revenue.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:00] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode with Russell Saks.
  • [1:50] How did Russell get his business started?
  • [4:00] Russell talks about the impact of seeing his grandfather as an entrepreneur.
  • [5:50] How Russell started getting involved with supplements.
  • [19:02] What advice did Russell learn from the BEST Competition?
  • [20:30] Facing a crossroads - continue the startup or go with the backup plan?
  • [23:30] Russell talks about starting their own product line.
  • [26:30] How does Russell and his team decide when to launch a new flavor?
  • [31:20] Russell talks about guerilla marketing.
  • [35:00] The benefit of using samples.
  • [36:00] Building a sales rep team.
  • [41:00] How has Russell’s team training process changed over time?
  • [48:00] Russell talks about his difficulties with finding a good platform to use.
  • [50:00] Apps and tools Russell and his team have found effective.
  • [51:45] The biggest challenge for Russell and his team.
  • [53:00] The lowest and proudest moment for Russell.

In this episode…

Guerrilla Marketing is getting a lot of attention in the business world lately. How do you implement it? What are the best tactics and strategies? Is it even worthwhile to invest in? If you are wondering how guerrilla marketing can help take your business to the next level, this is a great episode for you! On this episode of Inspired Insider, Jeremy sits down with Russell Saks, founder of Campus Protein. Russell and his team have developed some innovative guerrilla marketing tactics that have produced impressive results for their product sales. Learn how Campus Protein harnessed current events and popular slogans to catapult their product to success. You will also hear about the fascinating journey Russell has been on as he led his business from a small college campus startup to become an industry leader.

How do you keep your customers coming back for more of your product? Better yet, how do you get your customers to start purchasing additional products you offer? Russell Saks and his team at Campus Protein have found that simply including samples with each order has enticed their customers to expand the products they use. Sure it sounds risky and not everybody who receives a free sample will start regularly buying that product. However, by expanding their experience of your product with the free sample, you communicate to the customer that you care about their interests. Learn more about how Russell and his team consistently improve customer retention on this episode of Inspired Insider.

How do you build a large sales representative team, especially one large enough to service multiple college campuses? For Russell Saks and his partners, it took lots of patience and persistence. They went to everyone they knew and encouraged them to join their sales team. They refused to stop until they had enough team members to serve their clients well and keep an eye on expansion. Because of their focus and determination, Russell and his partners were successful in building a team that was in it not only for the money but for the opportunity to help others improve their health. Discover more about what fueled Russell and his team’s success on this episode of Inspired Insider.

When business is booming and everything is humming along, why change the formula? As the old adage goes, if it isn't’ broken, don’t fix it! Good luck telling that to an entrepreneur and innovator like Russell Saks. Russell and his team at Campus Protein were doing great selling vitamin and workout supplements on college campuses. But Russell wasn’t satisfied with the level of success they were experiencing. This dissatisfaction caused Russell to lead his business in the direction of developing their own product line. That decision set Campus Protein on a whole new course toward even greater success. Even now, they continue to develop and enhance new products for their customers. To hear more about this process and what led Russell to take this big step, listen to this episode of Inspired Insider.

Can you remember when you faced a major crossroads in your life? Was it deciding on whether to move to a new city? Or was it a change in your career path? These big life decisions can end up having huge repercussions for you and those close to you. Russell Saks faced a similar crossroads in his life. He had gathered a team to build a small startup on his college campus selling vitamin and protein supplements to his fellow students. The big question came when he graduated, would he continue to build the business or take another path like many of his peers were doing? The weight of this difficult decision caused Russell to really consider what he wanted to do with his future. What lessons can you learn from Russell’s story? Find out on this episode of Inspired Insider.

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Rise25 is where entrepreneurs of 6,7, and 8 figure businesses come together live and in person every few months to solve their biggest business challenges through this high-level Mastermind group. Each member leaves each week with lifelong friendships and actionable steps to take their business to the next level. Check out - a group run by myself and cofounder John Corcoran. Rise 25 is application only.

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Briana Borten has built 3 spas into an 8-figure business encompassing a variety of wellness products, including nutritional supplements and the life planner called the Dream Book. She is cofounder of DragonTree.

She's also the author of The Well Life: How to Use Structure, Sweetness, and Space to Create Balance, Happiness, and Peace (

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:07] Jeremy introduces today’s guest; Briana Borten.
  • 1:40 Briana talks about visiting Europe.
  • 2:20 Briana’s story about fracturing her spine.
  • 3:40 What lead Briana to open her first Spa?
  • 8:00 What worked and didn’t work for Briana as they started the Spa?
  • 9:30 How did Briana build her client base?
  • 11:20 Opening a Spa in an airport.
  • 13:30 The challenges to running a business in an airport.
  • 17:20 Parting wisdom from Briana.

In this episode…

A reputation is a powerful tool in the business world. It can make or break your company’s brand before a customer ever walks through your door. What is the secret that enables some innovators and entrepreneurs to rise above the rest? How do you cultivate a company culture that provides an excellent customer experience? On this episode of Inspired Insider, you will hear from business leader Briana Borten. She shares how her company started, what has allowed it to succeed, the challenges she has overcome, and so much more! If you are looking for lessons in life and business from some amazing industry leaders, look no further!

When was the last time you received excellent customer service? It’s probably safe to say that only one really sticks out for you. An “Above and beyond” type experience like that leaves an impression, doesn’t it? In today’s business climate, more and more entrepreneurs are thinking deeply about customer satisfaction and how to shape their customer’s experience in a way that stands out. Business leader Briana Borten has built a reputation in her industry for providing an excellent customer experience. Briana and her team learned from the start that a great way to build a customer base is by treating your early customers like the treasure they are. You’ve got to hear more about Briana’s approach on this episode of Inspired Insider!

Have you ever been in a circumstance when you thought, “I could do this better?” Maybe it was an experience as a customer, or as an employee, or even watching a movie! What do you do with that thought? Do you let it drive you into cynicism? Briana Borten had those same thoughts while she was working as an employee at a spa. She kept bringing suggestions and innovations up to her employer and half jokingly they said; “If you can do it better, go do it!” So eventually Briana struck out on her own and launched her first foray into running her own spa. Briana’s story is fascinating, learn more about what motivated her to take this big step on this episode of Inspired Insider.

Everyone wants their hard work recognized and appreciated. Maybe for you, it’s seeing your product or company get a glowing review. You might be looking for that appreciation and validation from your supervisor or owner. If you’ve been there and had even a small bit of encouragement or affirmation, you know if feels great! Briana Borten got a taste of this feeling when she was approached by the Port of Portland asking her if she’d be interested in proposing a plan for a spa in the Portland airport. She leaped at this opportunity flush with excitement and jumped into planning her proposal. It was a daunting experience that left a profound impact on Briana and her business. What lessons can you learn from Briana’s experience? Find out on this episode of Inspired Insider!

You’ve been around people who seem like they don’t have a care in the world. Have you ever wondered to yourself, “What would that be like?” Wouldn’t it be nice to live without the constant pressure and burden of expectations that others have or that you have for yourself? Briana Borten has learned over the course of her years in business, how to gain a healthy perspective. She shares how maintaining a healthy perspective on life and business has kept her sane. This has allowed her the freedom and relief from having to constantly work herself into the ground and hold herself to impossibly high standards of success. Don’t miss out as Briana expands on this concept and much more on this episode of Inspired Insider!

Resources Mentioned on this episode

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Very few companies can claim to have a customer service legacy. But Eddie Lichstein, coFounder of can point to the customer service approach they’ve taken to build the company. His auto parts company has gone from 0 to 50 million dollars in 4 years. He is also the Founder of that sells car parts - and the company celebrated 10 years and over 100,000 customers just recently. Eddie is also the coFounder of, an email marketing automation software for Ecommerce companies.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:15] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode with Eddie Lichstein.
  • [2:28] Why Eddie is focused on building a legacy that helps others.
  • [8:47] The beginning of Autoplicity and the idea for expansion.
  • [9:36] The beginnings of eCommerce 10 years ago.
  • [14:02] The process the company follows to help customers and others via social.
  • [16:49] The initial products and traction for TH Motorsports.
  • [21:36] Building the business’ customer base on forums.
  • [24:49] The things Eddie recommends you have on your website to build trust.
  • [29:00] Learning how to setup your checkout pages from Amazon.
  • [31:52] The challenges the team faced with TH Motorsports.
  • [33:21] Managing cash flow when selling high ticket items.
  • [38:50] Building a catalog to fuel the desired customer service legacy.
  • [42:37] The team who runs the company at this point.
  • [46:29] The toughest part about building and leading a team.
  • [48:21] The key steps that grew the company so quickly.
  • [52:23] Software the company uses.

In this episode…

Eddie Lichstein and the team at Autoplicity and TH Motorsports built their business by establishing a customer service legacy. They hit the ground running - not through marketing and direct sales but through interactions with real people in online automotive forums. And though they’ve grown beyond that practice, they haven’t left it altogether. To this day forums are a huge place for the company’s representatives to engage with potential clients - and the customer service legacy continues as a result.

When you think about what Eddie Lichstein and his team have done - building from 0 to 50 million dollars in 4 years, you realize that it’s an amazing feat for any company. But when you understand that they are selling in one of the most competitive markets - auto parts for all kinds of automobiles, including high profile sports cars - the task becomes even more amazing. In this conversation Jeremy and Eddie chat about how the company got its start, the things that contributed to its rapid growth, and how they continue to excel in customer service and product sales in spite of vicious competition.

Content is definitely king for Eddie Lichstein. He’s built three companies on the back of excellent, helpful, incredibly detailed content that provides tremendous value to those looking to purchase anything from auto parts to email marketing services. His companies specialize in providing answers to the questions their potential customers have and they reap the rewards of it in increased sales. Building trust through powerful content marketing is not a theory with Eddie, it’s a proven fact.

When it comes to eCommerce the team at Autoplicity and TH Motorsports have figured out how to create shopping carts, checkout pages, and follow up email sequences that bring in more purchases and therefore, more profit. But they didn’t do it by reinventing the wheel. Much of the approach they follow, they learned from examining and analyzing the big brands that do it well - like Amazon. You can learn a lot from what Eddie Lichstein shares about the secrets to higher conversions that are right in front of you on every Amazon checkout page, so be sure you listen.

If you are going to start an eCommerce company that sells higher ticket items (like Eddie Lichstein did) he recommends one thing: Don’t go into debt to do it. Take the time to raise capital - because cash flow is the main thing that chokes a startup business and keeps it from growing. You’ll need to be able to do the things necessary to push past the obstacles you’ll encounter - and you can’t do that if you are worried about a load of debt or strapped for cash. That’s just one lesson you’ll learn from this seasoned eCommerce seller, on this episode of Inspired Insider.

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