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Dr. Jeff Spencer is Founder of the Champions Blueprint. He is a former Olympian and Over the last forty years, he has worked alongside some of our generation’s greatest achievers: Sir Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, U2, Olympic gold medalists, just to name a few. It is not often I feature a fellow Chiropractor. People call him the Cornerman to World-Champion athletes and business leaders.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • [0:25] Welcome to the episode’s guest, Dr. Jeff Spencer.
  • [1:18] An interesting fact about Dr. Spencer: An accomplished Glass Sculptor.
  • [3:27] Why working harder is NOT the path to true success.
  • [8:02] An example of where people think a path will lead to success, but it doesn’t.
  • [10:27] How to get out of the “work harder” mindset.
  • [12:23] The things that drove Dr. Jeff from a very early age.
  • [14:32] Mentors who have influenced Dr. Spencer’s journey.
  • [15:29] Rare mental tweaks learned from his mentor.
  • [16:56] What is going through your mind when you’re feeling the pain? How do you push through?
  • [18:37] Dr. Spencer’s experience as an athlete in the Olympics.
  • [23:14] The type of training required to get to an Olympic level of performance.
  • [25:28] The inspiration behind Dr. Spencer’s book and program.
  • [28:20] The first steps toward establishing a Champion’s Blueprint.
  • [30:27] The biggest challenge people have in determining what their legacy will be.
  • [32:46] The power of envisioning how your life will change when you develop the champion’s mindset.
  • [34:00] The real issues behind developing a strong mindset.
  • [35:32] How physical health fits into the champion’s mindset and how Dr. Spencer manages his own diet and health.
  • [38:53] Understanding whether you have the material assets to begin and the challenges in accumulating them.
  • [40:51] Gaining early momentum in your Champion’s Blueprint and why the plan has to flex as you go.
  • [43:34] Developing the skill to achieve the goal, to the point that you can’t get it wrong.
  • [45:40] The strangest application this approach has been used for.
  • [47:35] How to begin implementing this approach in business.
  • [51:25] Accessing Dr. Spencer’s help and resources.
  • [52:28] An example of Dr. Spencer’s help to high level performers.
  • [57:57] How the principles apply in a “make or break” performance.
  • [59:51] Books from Dr. Spencer.
  • [1:00:45] The kinds of things Dr. Spencer wants to know in big time businesses (like the advice he gave to Richard Branson).
  • [1:02:20] The first things Dr. Jeff did after graduating High School.
  • [1:05:16] Why Jeremy sees Dr. Jeff as the “turn the corner” man - and what it was like to work with someone like Lance Armstrong.
  • [1:09:20] Dr. Spencer’s biggest challenges throughout his career.
  • [1:11:27] The lowest point in Dr. Jeff’s life and how he pushed through it.
  • [1:15:19] The proudest moment in Dr. Spencer’s life.
  • [1:19:04] Amazing things Dr. Jeff has learned from his adopted daughter.

In this episode…

How many things in life have defeated you? Looking back, how many of those defeats were because of a breakdown in your will… you simply didn’t want it badly enough?

Those are some of the most difficult questions to answer, both because we don’t naturally tend toward knowing ourselves that well, and because we are not adequately trained to make those assessments about ourselves and our lives from an early age.

Today’s conversation with Dr. Jeff Spencer may help you make up for some lost ground in those areas. Dr. Spencer is a performance coach for people ranging from elite athletes to high profile business figures like Sir Richard Branson. His insights are not the common “trust the universe” mantra, but something more practical and real.

The Champion’s Blueprint, step by step

On this episode of Inspired Insider, Dr. Spencer shares the basic steps of his “Champion’s Blueprint” methodology, unpacking a wealth of knowledge about how our minds and wills operate, why our cultures typical “gap approach” to achievement and performance is proven to be antithetical to high levels of achievement, and how you can begin training your mind to propel you to the levels of accomplishment you desire.

If you’re looking for mindset tips to increase performance, Dr. Spencer is the guy to point you in the right direction.

In his work with athletes and business leaders Dr. Spencer has had the opportunity to not only mentor people to greater levels of success, but to continue honing his performance theories and his understanding of human achievement. The lessons he’s learned in the trenches of his own athletic career (he was an Olympian back in the day), business consulting, and performance coaching continues to serve himself and others in a variety of powerful ways.

So grab a cup of coffee and a notepad and get ready to learn - about yourself, your failures, your successes, and what’s possible when you develop a champion’s mindset.

Our massive thanks goes out to Dr. Jeff Spencer for giving us so much time and such powerful information.

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Ken Glickman is a highly sought after marketing consultant and business coach. He has given over 1200 presentations and trainings on marketing, stress, time management to such companies as GE, Federal Express, Rubbermaid. He has been on CNN, FOX, ABC with Barbara Walters and many more.

He co-created I power, Time Management Magic, stress busters, and several others.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [0:24] Jeremy’s introduction of Ken Glickman.
  • [1:24] One of Ken’s lowest moments in business: The difficulty of letting go of a program because the finances were not available.
  • [2:25] How Ken made the decision to let go of the project.
  • [3:07] The dissolution of a partnership that was tough.
  • [3:57] Ken’s advice for those dealing with a difficult partnership.
  • [6:19] Ken’s proudest moments.
  • [10:30] How you can connect with Ken.
  • [12:12] Ken’s thoughts about his wife’s support and lessons he’s learned from her.

In this episode…

Every entrepreneur experiences difficult times. Ken Glickman is no exception. He’s had to deal with financial shortfalls, project development plans he had to let go of, and a host of others.


One of the most difficult he had to deal with was breaking away from a long term partnership (over 30 years) when tensions developed. Though it was a great run and he wished his partner nothing but good, it was very difficult to struggle through the conversations and difficulties of coming to that decision.


On this episode you’re going to hear Ken’s honest and transparent sharing of that story and how he pushed through that difficult time to even greater levels of personal and professional success and satisfaction.

Ken’s resources and information

  • Ken’s website: (connect for speaking or coaching)
  • 917-306-3098 - call to learn more about Ken.
  • Ken_Glickman(at)msn(dot)com
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Dorie Clark is a top strategy consultant who has worked with clients including Google,Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and many more.

She teaches for Duke University at the Business School, and has lectured at Harvard business school, Stanford, MIT and many more.   

She is the author of "Reinventing You" and her latest book "Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It” (Portfolio/Penguin, 2015)

On this episode…

Dorie’s new book, “Stand Out” is about building your personal brand in a way that gets you the attention and focus you need in order to move your projects forward. She’s become an expert at it, especially since she’s done that very thing for her own brand. In this conversation she shares a few of the ways she went about doing that, from her first efforts at getting her writing published on big name blogs, to submitting book proposals to publishers, to leveraging her books once they were published to build her email list into the tens of thousands. Dorie unloads a lot of stuff for us, so be sure you take the time to listen.

How Dorie built her brand from scratch.

When Dorie Clark needed to start building an audience she was very strategic about it. Her belief was that blogging on already established, reputable sites made more sense than trying to build her own blog from square 1. That’s what she did, and when she found out what mattered to the publishers of those sites, she did her best to maximize that so she was seen as a huge success. Find out the details of her little hack on this episode.

She’s a successfully published author now, but Dorie Clark has received many, many rejections to her book proposals in the past. If you’re an author, you know that feeling. On this episode Dorie talks about what that means to be rejected by a publisher and gives some tips on how you need to think about it so that you can keep submitting proposals in the face of rejection. If you can’t learn that lesson, you’ll quit before your book has a chance.

Maximizing her books to skyrocket her email subscriptions.

In her latest book, “Stand Out,” Dorie Clark created many self evaluation questions that she included at the end of each chapter. Those questions made a wonderful resource to offer on her website as her “offer” to increase her email subscriber list… and it’s working like crazy. She tells exactly how she did it, step by step on this episode so be sure you listen to get all the details.

Coming up with your own unique “breakthrough” idea.

When you’re trying to come up with your “breakthrough” idea, it doesn’t take lots of time as much as it takes mental space. You’ve got to be able to clear out the “head room” to think deeply and get to the root of what you’re about. If you can figure out how to do that, you can make serious headway toward quantifying what it is you have to offer. On this episode Dorie Clark unpacks that idea and offers a free resource to help you get it done.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get on this show:

  • [0:25] Jeremy’s introduction of this episode and his guest, Dorie Clark.
  • [1:09] How Dorie came up with her latest book title… it was a fight.
  • [2:38] How to find Dorie’s assessment tool (it’s FREE).
  • [3:10] Success stories from her new book, “Stand Out.”
  • [6:23] Some of Dorie’s personal favorites (loves).
  • [13:57] Some personal things about Dorie you may not know.
  • [19:34] Why Dorie pursued a degree in theology.
  • [21:00] How she moved toward university teaching and the topics she specializes in.
  • [25:34] An aspect of networking and connections that most people neglect.
  • [27:32] Dorie’s thoughts about luck.
  • [29:35] The Craigslist story.
  • [31:08] Dorie’s book proposals that got rejected and how she dealt with it.
  • [32:34] How Dorie built an audience.
  • [35:56] How she decided it was time to write her second book.
  • [42:04] Advice Dorie received regarding her book writing and promotion.
  • [44:03] How she decided to create a self assessment rather than some other giveaway.
  • [46:49] Dorie’s mentors.
  • [49:10] Some of Dorie’s biggest disappointments and how she pushed through it.
  • [52:40] Dorie’s proudest moments.
  • [53:31] Dorie’s ebook: Standout Networking.
  • [54:30] Final advice from Dorie and how to reach her.

Dorie’s resources mentioned on this episode

People and Other Resources mentioned

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Dr. Jeff Spencer is Founder of the Champions Blueprint. He is a former Olympian and Over the last forty years, he has worked alongside some of our generation’s greatest achievers: Sir Richard Branson, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, U2, Olympic gold medalists, just to name a few. It is not often I feature a fellow Chiropractor. People call him the Cornerman to World-Champion athletes and business leaders.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • [1:18] Dr. Spencer’s bought with severe mercury poisoning.
  • [2:38] How he found the problem and began the way out.
  • [4:00] The lessons he learned from the struggle and what he encourages others with.
  • [5:00] Dr. Spencer’s proudest moment: The adoption of his daughter and the challenges they’ve overcome together.
  • [8:30] Lessons learned from his adopted daughter.

In this episode…

Have you or someone you love struggled with a health issue that seemed to have no solution?

In this episode, Dr. Jeff Spencer shares the difficulty of struggling with a health issue. It wasn’t a tangible thing, an opponent he could overcome, so he had to learn some new mental skills to deal with it. The lessons he’s learned from that battle have served him well and taught him how to fight for his mindset when there’s nothing to hang his hat on.

He’s also learned from that lesson that it’s important to make your life matter, to respect your life enough to make it something of significance for the sake of others. Leaving a legacy is part of our calling as human beings. We’ve got to leave the world a better place than it was when we arrived.

When it comes to his proudest moment, Dr. Spencer’s response revolves around his adopted daughter. Everything from the process he and his wife went through in adopting her, the challenges she’s overcome personally, and the resilience he’s seen demonstrated through her situation, have been an encouragement to him and an example of how he’s investing his life in making the lives of others better.

You’ll be inspired by what he has to share...

Resources Mentioned on this episode

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Neil Patel is the co-founder of Hello Bar, KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, businesses that helped over 50K companies grow their revenue. He helped companies like Amazon, NBC, and Viacom grow their profits as well. He runs a popular site Quicksprout, and The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine call him a top influencer on the web.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:


  • [0:45] Introduction of Neil Patel, today’s guest.
  • [1:56] Neil’s participation at a conference in Romania, what he was doing and what he learned.
  • [2:32] Things that international audiences resonate with just like everyone else.
  • [3:20] Taking the long term approach.
  • [3:38] The most common question from E-commerce founders.
  • [4:40] Recommendations for cart abandonment (a listener question).
  • [5:24] How to take full advantage of the 4th quarter.
  • [5:50] The most important conversion drivers for E-commerce.
  • [6:40] Mistakes e-commerce businesses are making.
  • [7:53] How to drive traffic when you’re first starting out.
  • [10:11] What Neil is up to today and the future of Quicksprout.
  • [11:22] The advice Neil gives to Amazon when he consults with them.
  • [11:49] What should companies be doing for conversion optimization.
  • [12:36] Tools people should use for surveys and reaching out to their customers.
  • [12:49] Challenges coming to E-commerce in the future.
  • [13:33] How does Neil create so much content and decide what he’s going to work on next.
  • [14:05] How to increase engagement with your content.
  • [15:14] Things Neil is working on that he’s excited about.
  • [16:00] The pages to optimize on your E-commerce site.
  • [16:38] How Neil would begin a brand new product site.
  • [17:09] Neil’s latest goal with Quicksprout.
  • [17:37] Software Neil suggests for an E-commerce site.
  • [18:10] A low moment Neil experienced, and a high moment in his business ventures.
  • [18:56] A success story from Neil’s experience.
  • [19:50] Simple ways to define the changes you need to make on your website.
  • [21:05] A typical day for Neil Patel.
  • [22:19] Events coming up where Neil is speaking.
  • [23:10] Things Neil has learned from international relationships.
  • [23:39] How to advance your business the most.
  • [24:34] The best way to advance your E-commerce business today.


In this episode…

What would happen if your E-commerce business increased sales conversions by 10%?


OK, now what about 20%?


Depending on your current level of revenue, that could be a significant amount of increased revenue, and it just might have the potential of creating a very merry holiday season for you!


If you don’t know Jeremy’s guest on today’s show, Neil Patel, you must be from another universe. Neil is the foremost expert on E-commerce and web traffic.


Neil is a very generous guy, both with is knowledge and with his time, and his interaction with Jeremy on this episode of Inspired Insider is no different. In characteristic style, Neil shares an amazing amount of knowledge, very helpful resources, and E-commerce upgrades you can make to your own site that could increase your conversions 10%, 20%, or even more.


You’ll also hear the two of them dive into the most common things people ask Neil about E-commerce, the common mistakes people make on their E-com sites, and what things Neil has been learning about the international audiences he’s been interacting with lately, and how those interactions are informing the way he’s modifying his E-commerce and traffic strategies.


And what if you’re brand new to all this stuff? How should you get started with E-commerce? Neil answers that exact question by resorting to a tried and true tactic for traffic generation that isn’t the most glamorous tool in the box, but is one of the most effective you’ll find… at least at this point in time.


So think about it again: What would your 4th quarter look like if you started increasing your E-commerce and web traffic today? If you’ take the 30 minutes to listen to this episode you’re going to learn some very practical, actionable tips that you could do right now to make that a reality.


That’s no joke. So make sure you fit this one into your schedule. It could truly make a difference in your bottom line by the end of the year.


Our special and sincere “Thanks” to Neil Patel for giving of his time and energy for the Inspired Insider audience today.


Resources Mentioned on this episode

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Dorie Clark is a top strategy consultant who's worked with high profile clients including Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and many more.  She teaches at Duke University Business School and has lectured at Harvard business school, Stanford, MIT, and many more.  She is the author of "Reinventing You," and her latest book "Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It


On this episode…

As a busy business owner, executive, or entrepreneur you have to push hard to grab the success you're seeking. But life goes on in the meantime, doesn't it?

What do you do when things fall apart? When relationships crumble? When your heart aches but business still has to go on?

On this episode Dorie Clark shares what she did when she experienced a devastating relational loss and gives her insights into what was going on inside her as she processed those things. But she also shares some of her proudest moments and the strength they have provided.

And stick around 'till the end to hear about Dorie's mini-ebook experiment and the results she's seeing from it.

Dorie’s biggest hardship proudest moments

  • The loss of an important relationship.
  • No time to go to therapy or get professional help.
  • How she worked her way through it by working harder.
  • The proudest moments.
  • Dorie’s mini-ebook experiment.
  • Final tips about standing out in your niche.

Dorie’s resources mentioned on this episode

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Perry Marshall is  known for being, “ the #1 author and world’s most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising and has helped over 100,000 advertisers save billions of dollars in AdWords ...”

He has helped grow a tech company from $200,000 to $4 million in sales that eventually was bought by a public company


His works include  The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords  Book (Entrepreneur Press, 3nd Edition 2012),  and  80/20 Sales and Marketing (Entrepreneur Press, 2013) and  many more


He is back to talk about his Book Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design


He is an engineer who has spent hundreds of thousands on adwords for this cause alone on this journey to answer the question...Does God Exist?

He starts off prefacing his talk on this topic that he is going to piss people off.


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Jim Sheils is CoFounder of Board Meetings International, a company that specializes in retreats for entrepreneurs and their children to deepen the parent and child relationship.

In his 20s, Jim partnered with best friend Brian Scrone and went on to create a multimillion dollar real estate company that generates over $15million per year.



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Ajay Prasad is founder of GMR Transcription. They have over 9000 clients including the FBI, ATT, and Mcdonald’s. They provide transcription and translation services and run the 7 figure business with 3 employees and 250+ independent contractors.



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Ronald Pruitt is Founder of 4aGoodCause. His e-commerce fundraising software has helped nonprofits bring in millions of dollars in online donations for the past 17+ years. Last year alone they  had 11.6 million raised online by 4aGoodCause nonprofits.

They have worked with the Girl Scouts, Alzheimer's Foundation of America,  Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Baltimore and many more.



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