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Digital Domination Series: Featuring Ross Gordon

Ross Gordon is Founder and CEO of CraftJack which sold just one year after its inception. CraftJack helps contractors grow their business and find new clients through lead generation and online marketing.

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What Inspires Andre Chaperon?  Creator of AutoresponderMadness...


Andre CHaperon is one of the top email marketing experts on the planet.


His Autoresponder Madness Course is the #1 Email Marketing Course endorsed by some of the biggest names in the marketing industry because of the tremendous results people get.



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SoftwareByRob: Lessons Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur -with Rob Walling [Big Lessons]

SoftwareByRob: Lessons Learned as a Serial Entrepreneur -with Rob Walling [Big Lessons]



Digital Domination Series:  Featuring Rob Walling at SoftwareByRob.

Rob Walling started the blog which is followed by over 25,000 web enterprenuers.


He operates a number of software products including,, and just to name a few.

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What Inspires David Deutsch?  100 Mistakes to be Successful...


David Deutsch is one of the Legends of Copywriting and Direct response marketing. His writing has sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of his clients’ products which include everything from books and  seminars to Maxwell House Coffee and American Express cards.


David works  with some of the world’s largest publishers of books and newsletters such as Boardroom Inc, Healthy Directions, Agora, Soundview and many more.

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Kylie Simonds  was diagnosed three years ago with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer that affects bone or soft tissue. Kylie’s battle with Cancer sparked Innovation with her invention for an IV Pediatric backpack for kids with Cancer.

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What Inspires Perry Marshall?  Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing


Entrepreneur Magazine says, “Perry Marshall is the #1 author and world’s most-quoted consultant on Google Advertising. He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save billions of dollars in AdWords ...”


He’s one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after marketing consultants.

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Gavin Zuchlinski is the Founder of Acuity Scheduling which has over 7000 business accounts, 100K appointments scheduled each month with a team of 3. He talked about Split Testing and how to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

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What Inspires Brian Kurtz, VP at Boardroom Inc.?..Listen when he talks about 2 important people in his life passing away.

Brian Kurtz is Executive Vice President at Boardroom Inc which is  at its height was 150 million dollar company. Brian has overseen the mailing of approximately 1.3 billion pieces of direct mail over the past 30+ years

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