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Ryan Levesque is one of the Legends of Copywriting and Marketing. He is a master at setting up marketing funnels that converts cold traffic into customers. Listen when he talks about his near death awakening and how his child fueled him.



He is the founder of the Survey Funnel Formula. He used this exact formula to generate 2.8 million leads, 175K customers, in 17 markets, in the last 23 months alone.

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[One Question] What Inspires BJ Bedford Miller?  “I am a sucker for a dream”...

What Inspires BJ Bedford Miller?  “I am a sucker for a dream”...


An influential coach uttered these words that changed the path of BJ’s life and career.

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BJ Bedford Miller is an   Olympic Gold Medalist and Former World  Record Holder at the 2000 Sydney Olympics for the  400 Medley Relay.


She is also:

* 2 x World Champion, 1998 (Bronze medalist, 1994)

* 8 x US National Champion 1991-2000

* 2 x Pan American Games Champion, 1995

and the list goes on.


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This is part of the Digital Domination Series with InspiredInsider:


Featuring Nick Francis & his Presentation on Lessons Learned running a SaaS business


Nick Francis is the co-founder and CEO at Help Scout which is a simple, straightforward way to provide excellent customer support.

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