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Rajat Garg got his MS at Stanford and at Amazon. Over the past several years, his company has registered over 1.5 million businesses. Listen to why he was scared sh*tless and what he did to get past it.

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Max Teitelbaum is cofounder of WhatRunsWhere which gives companies competitive advantages with media buying. He teaches at Baylor University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and mentors other startups through Growlabs.

Max talked about how to get over burn out & much more.

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Alec Nelson is Founder and CEO of Vacuum Spot which is a vacuum supply company that generated over $1million in sales. They took the business from their shed to a full warehouse in just 12 months.


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Big Jason Henderson is one of the most experienced Email marketers online.


He has created all of the email marketing strategy behind some of the biggest product launches in internet history. People like John Carlton, Mind Valley, and the CEO of Revolution Golf sing his praises.


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Natalie Cook, the First Ever Australian woman to compete in 5 Olympic Games. She is an Olympic Gold Medalist (2000), and Olympic Bronze Medalist (1996).

Here is Nat’s fascinating journey on how she built a record-breaking Olympic campaign and reached the pinnacle of her sport, and discover how you can apply her principles to achieve Olympic Gold in your business.

Author, speaker and entrepreneur, Nat is now helping to motiv8 and inspire others to fulfill their dreams and squeeze all the goodness out of business and life.

With so much to draw upon, it will be difficult not to be inspired by Nat’s story of self-identity, resilience and mental toughness during this WFBOS session which was part of a paid program and offered to you for InspiredInsider listeners.

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Devin Herz is Founder of DMC aka Dynamic Marketing Consultants. He has 20 years experience of helping businesses get more customers with direct marketing.  Past clients include University of Colorado, AllState, GKIC, FightNight Productions and numerous small businesses like dentists, lawyers and fitness professionals.

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Listen to what Nolan Bushnell said when a young Steve Jobs offered him 33% of Apple for 50K.


Nolan Bushnell founded both Atari and Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza. He was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame & named one of Newsweek '​s "50 Men Who Changed America.". He has started more than twenty companies and is a founding father of the video game industry. His latest venture is called Brainrush that is a video game technology with real brain science.

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Rick Cesari  has helped sell more than 2 billion dollars worth of product and launched over 30 brands including sonicare, oxiclean, george foreman grill,  juiceman,  GoPro camera and many more.


He is the author of Buy Now and helps turn great products into hundred million dollar companies and household names.

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