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It’s a Shark Tank success story this week, with Desiree Stolar, co-founder of Unshrinkit which is an emergency sweater saver. They have a patent-pending formulation that helps unshrink wool clothing back to the original size. They were featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank and got an investment offer from Mark Cuban. A wool expert was quoted saying “this could change the world of yarn.” Desiree has an MBA from Harvard.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [0:15] Jeremy’s introduction of Desiree Stolar and this episode.
  • [1:15] The tough reality of being an entrepreneur.
  • [3:05] A huge despair moment for Desiree during the Shark Tank season.
  • [11:58] Tips for those going on a show like Shark Tank.
  • [16:08] Equipping the customer service team for a huge flood of interest and purchases.
  • [25:04] Advantages and disadvantages of selling products on Amazon.
  • [28:08] The preparation Desiree’s team put into their Shark Tank experience.
  • [34:55] The state of the company prior to the Shark Tank experience.
  • [40:18] Shark Tank success and where the company is going now, without the buzz.
  • [46:14] How the team went about building a grassroots movement of interest.
  • [51:52] Things the team has tried that did NOT work  (specific niches and advertising).
  • [58:59] The experience of working with Mark Cuban.
  • [1:03:04] What Desiree learned from the Shark Tank team of sharks.
  • [1:05:24] The creation and testing of their proprietary product.
  • [1:11:58] Desiree’s software preferences.

In this episode…

A Shark Tank success story is always fun to hear because everything is so public. And it’s even more fun to hear the story behind the story. Today we get that great opportunity on this episode with Desiree Stolar, co-founder of Unshrinkit. She is a stickler for details so you’re not going to be left wondering what her team did to prepare for their appearance on Shark Tank or how it impacted their bottom line.

It’s a common assumption that if your company gets is featured on Shark Tank you’re going to experience an explosion of sales from being on the show at all, even if the sharks decide not to fund your company. After hearing this story you’ll have nothing to dissuade you from believing that assumption. Desiree’s company has doubled its annual sales since their Shark Tank appearance.

What is it like to be on Shark Tank? How does each of the sharks approach their consideration of a startup that comes to them for funding? And how do each of them work with a company they’ve decided is worth the risk? On this episode, you can hear the perspective of one of the co-founders of Unshrinkit, a company that was featured on Shark Tank. Desiree Stolar has some great insights to share.

Sometimes the things you assume are going to work to sell or promote your product simply don’t, for reasons you couldn’t have foreseen. On this episode of Inspired Insider, Desiree Stolar shares some of the niches and forms of advertising her team assumed were going to be a gold mine for them that were actually flops. You can learn some of their hard-learned lessons the easy way simply by listening to her story.

Toward the end of this episode, Desiree shares how she went about developing a proprietary product to sell online. The time, research, governmental hoops, and much more that her team had to endure will show you that where there’s a will, there’s a way. And success often follows.

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Brian Goulet, co-founder of The Goulet Pen Company has found one of the most challenging aspects of his success to be managing anxiety as it relates to his business and his family. He and his wife Rachel run an online retail store focusing on fountain pens, ink, paper, and other tools for the writing enthusiast. They have grown it from a mom-and-pop startup run from their dining room table to a multi-million dollar operation with over 40 team members and a 12,000+sf office/warehouse space.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:11] Introduction to this episode with Brian Goulet.
  • [1:34] The lowest moment Brian has had to push through: Dealing with his own calling and the impact it has on his family.
  • [5:21] One of the proudest moments Brian has experienced.
  • [7:46] How you can connect with Brian.

In this episode…

One of the most difficult aspects of business success is managing the anxiety that can crop up as you are on the road to that success. Brian Goulet shares how he’s navigated that challenge, on this episode of the podcast.

When Brian Goulet was in New York City to be recognized for his success at a large event he discovered that one of the biggest challenges was not the pressure of being with his peers and heroes, but the anxiety it caused in his wife’s life.

The dynamic of balancing business success and the anxiety it can bring is one every entrepreneur will face from time to time. On this episode Brian Goulet shares how he works to keep that balance.

Family is vitally important for every entrepreneur and Brian Goulet, co-founder of Goulet Pen company works hard to keep his family healthy in spite of the pressures that come due to his company’s success. You can hear his story on this episode.

Rachel Goulet, co-founder of Goulet Pen Company is no stranger to business or success. She and her husband Brian have scaled their business incredibly over the past few years. But the anxiety that comes with it has been a challenge. You can hear Brian share their story on this episode.

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Amazon private label is the niche that today’s guest, Greg Mercer has focused on to great success. Greg is the founder of the software “Jungle Scout” which allows you to quickly and easily perform product research on Amazon and a second software product called “Review Kick” which helps people quickly and easily get reviews for their amazon products. But those software solutions are based on Greg’s own success as an Amazon private label seller. Greg generates revenues in excess of $400K per month by selling his own products on Amazon.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [0:00] Pre-show banter between Jeremy and Greg.
  • [4:36] Jeremy’s introduction of Greg Mercer and this episode.
  • [5:31] The big mistakes Greg has made selling on Amazon.
  • [6:53] Why Greg transitioned from wholesaling to private label sales on Amazon.
  • [11:38] Patterns Greg discovered from losing products.
  • [14:40] Greg’s history selling on Amazon and what has caused his quick success.
  • [17:41] How Greg uses the Jungle Scout tool to research product possibilities.
  • [22:42] The differences between the two Jungle Scout tools.
  • [26:44] Greg’s unorthodox personal workflow and why he does it.
  • [22:27] Influences on Greg growing up (his background and mentors).
  • [33:42] The day Greg quit his corporate engineering job.
  • [36:40] From quitting his job to becoming a successful Amazon private label seller.
  • [39:11] The time Greg spends on his Amazon business now compared to the software.
  • [40:40] The lessons Greg has learned from the software side of the business.
  • [44:43] Customer feedback that has helped improve the software.
  • [46:09] The biggest mistakes people make selling private label on Amazon.
  • [51:13] The things Greg considers when he thinks about selling on Amazon.
  • [54:42] The toughest times with the software business.
  • [56:12] Team dynamics and issues.
  • [58:24] Software Greg uses.
  • [1:02:57] Greg’s lowest point in business.
  • [1:04:42] One of Greg’s proudest moments in business.
  • [1:05:26] One of Greg’s favorite success stories from a Jungle Scout user.

In this episode…

Amazon Private Label sales is a continually growing area where many everyday people are finding it possible to build their own business online. Greg Mercer is one of the many people who is making that kind of success more and more possible. Greg’s software solutions aimed at Amazon private label sellers has truly made it easier than ever for anyone to find and begin selling a successful product of their own.

Greg Mercer’s software success is built on the back of his own Amazon success. He’s got many years’ experience selling his own private label products on the Amazon platform and has learned the mistakes and skills needed to build software that can truly help those who want to get into private label sales. Currently, Greg’s company generates over $400,000 per month through product sales alone.

If you’re curious about what it takes to get into Amazon private label sales Greg Mercer would tell you it’s not that difficult. You need some basic tools, like his very affordable software, Jungle Scout, and a knowledge of how the Amazon platform works. From there, you can source your products from a variety of places, build a product listing yourself, and begin selling your own private label products within a relatively short period of time.

In this conversation with Greg, I ask him to share how he got started selling products on Amazon, why he left his corporate job as an engineer to do so, and how he’s benefitted from taking that step. You’ll also get to hear Greg’s tips for building a successful private label business on Amazon. You won’t want to miss this conversation.

If you want to find a way to support yourself outside of the typical 9 to 5 work hours of corporate America, this episode may contain the information you’ve been looking for. Take some time to get to know Greg Mercer and hear his story of brand building success online that enables him to travel, live the lifestyle of his dreams, and run a successful company remotely. It’s an amazing story.

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Product Failures are one of the many obstacles Kimberly Crupi Dobbins has had to overcome as the founder of Simple Squares organic nutrition bars. She bootstrapped the company after going on a sabbatical from her previous company, Morningstar. She went from making the bars in her kitchen to selling over 1 million bars in year. They are sold in Whole Foods, Starbucks, and many more large scale retailers.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:10] Jeremy’s introduction to this episode with Kimberly Dobbins.
  • [1:25] The lowest moment in Kimberly’s journey and how she pushed through.
  • [4:13] The proudest moment in Kimberly’s journey until now.
  • [6:02] How Kimberly felt when Starbucks approached her about her products.
  • [6:15] Kimberly’s advice for new and growing companies.

In this episode…

Nobody who’s built a company on a product wants to see what Kimberly Dobbins saw when she picked up a box of her nutritional bars that were about to ship. A slimy goop was oozing out of the cracks of the box. Dealing with a product failure like this can be one of the lowest times for the business.

On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’ll hear how Kimberly Dobbins, founder of Simple Squares dealt with a massive failure in her product because of faulty ingredients and how she overcame the issue. It’s a great example of what entrepreneurs face and how they need to persevere to find success.

On this episode, you’ll get to hear Kimberly Dobbins tell the story of how Starbucks approached her to begin providing her nutritional snack bars in their shops and what it felt like to get that kind of affirmation for her product that was only 5 years old at the time.

If you want to hear how a successful woman entrepreneur struggled through one of the lowest moments in her business building journey, this episode is for you. Kimberly Dobbins shares her product failure story and why she continued to push through in spite of the difficulty.

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Investing in employees is one of the things Omar Sayyed has made his specialty. Omar is the co-founder and CEO of,, and The company started off fulfilling orders out of a co-founder's living room. They have managed to grow into the world's largest online men's and women's accessories retailer.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:10] Jeremy’s introduction of this episode of the podcast.
  • [6:48] The process the company follows in developing new product ideas.
  • [13:39] Things that have changed in the company’s processes over the years.
  • [19:10] The challenges of cultural intelligence working with suppliers.
  • [21:05] Examples of products they expected to do well but flopped.
  • [26:26] The launch process, testing product popularity, etc.
  • [31:45] Top selling products on
  • [38:03] The beginnings of the company story.
  • [44:15] What Omar focused on when he came on board with the company: the team.
  • [49:12] Tips for building a team and talent acquisition.
  • [58:55] How Omar met his co-founders.
  • [1:09:00] When and why companies should have employee meetings.
  • [1:18:48] The way Omar’s company gets buzz around its products.
  • [1:24:14] What is worth measuring?
  • [1:29:50] How can ecommerce companies drive more sales?
  • [1:39:50] Mistakes learned in the process of growth.
  • [1:41:39] Omar’s lowest professional moment.
  • [1:49:40] One of Omar’s proudest moments in business.
  • [1:58:43] Knowing how to structure an acquisition.
  • [2:05:08] Why is sock genius such a prevalent brand?
  • [2:07:50] A business idea Omar is giving away (please, steal it).

In this episode…

When it comes to experiencing the benefits that flow from  investing in employees, Omar Sayyed is one of the guys who can speak to the issue with authority. He’s got accolades all over his LinkedIn profile that show how much he pours into the people who work for him.

When I asked Omar about the skill of investing in employees he said that it’s one of the areas he identified as a place he could add the most value to the company ( when he first became part of the team. In his mind, treating your employees like gold enables and equips them to pay the company back in gold.

On this episode of Inspired Insider, you’re going to hear the remarkable story of one of the premier online retailers in the e-commerce space. And Omar Sayyed and company haven’t stopped with just one site. They also own a handful of other 4-letter domains that bring in significant revenue every month.

Whether you’re interested in finding out how to invest in employees, acquire other companies, evaluate potential products, or refine your systems, this interview with Omar Sayyed will prove to be a valuable resource to you. The experience this guy has is incredible and he shares very generously on this episode.

Don’t miss the end of this conversation with Omar Sayyed when he shares a business idea that he says he’ll never have time for - and encourages you to steal it from him. What is it? Well, you’ll have to listen to hear the whole story but for now, we can say that it has to do with messaging and memes. Interested? Be sure to listen.

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Jay Papasan co-authored --The ONE Thing:The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, with Gary Keller. It has been translated into 24 languages and has more than 275 national bestseller list appearances, including #1 on the Wall Street Journal. The book has sold millions of copies. When I ask many top entrepreneurs one of the most impactful books they read, “The One Thing” comes up over and over.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [0:23] Jeremy’s introduction to Jay Papasan, The One Thing, and this episode.
  • [1:17] Jay’s lowest point and how he pushed through the tough time.
  • [2;57] What Jay recommends to keep going when hard times hit.
  • [4:21] Jay’s proudest moments.
  • [5:53] Where you can connect with Jay.
  • [6:49] The company’s involvement with Heroes For Children.
  • [8:07] The role Jay’s wife has played in his success and her own successes.
  • [11:00] Lessons Jay is watching his children learn.

In this episode…

Jay’s book, “The One Thing” is all about the increased success and forward motion that can be attained by keeping a strict focus on one particular area of focus. It’s a concept and discipline all of us need to adopt to one degree or another. On this episode of Inspired Insider I ask Jay about how he keeps his focus on his one thing during his lowest moments.

Jay says that his toughest times have to do with personal things and as we talked on this episode he referenced a time when his father experienced a serious stroke. He said that during those times he has to remind himself that his true “one thing” is his family and allow himself the time to focus on it. His business endeavors during those times have to be accomplished in light of the family’s priority in his life.

It’s during the hard times that Jay Papasan wants to be best role model for his kids. He wants them to see in him the integrity and consistency that focusing on one thing provides. On this episode he shares how he aims at that goal and the ways he sees it impacting his children.

One of the final stories Jay Papasan, co-author of “The One Thing,” shares on this episode is how he’s seeing his children learn as they grow. Some of the things they are noticing at a young age are both interesting and inspiring. Their lives are more fruit of the “one thing” philosophy that Jay advocates - and you can learn more about it on this episode.

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Metabolic disease is the target in the crosshairs of today’s guest Tom Bilyeu. Tom is Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition which was named the 2nd fastest growing private company in America with over 1400 employees and 57,000% growth. Tom’s mission is to end metabolic disease. He also hosts a thought leadership show called Inside Quest where he features people like Tim Ferris, Russell Simmons, and many more. If you want to get out of the matrix then listen to Tom and his Youtube channel.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:


  • [0:30] Jeremy’s introduction to Tom Bilyeu and his company.
  • [2:45] How the movie, “The Matrix” has influenced Tom.
  • [8:55] The dark places Tom comes from.
  • [13:46] The things that snapped Tom out of his dark place.
  • [15:13] Mindset issues and their relationship to the body.
  • [21:51] What Tom has learned from his co-founders.
  • [23:09] The day Tom quit and how it led to selling the company and building another..
  • [30:45] The first branch office of Quest and how the product has changed over time.
  • [34:51] What worked well to grow the company as authenticity.
  • [37:26] The Quest philosophy of hiring and how it works for employees.
  • [41:13] The most challenging parts of transitioning from entrepreneur to CEO.
  • [47:24] The lowest point in Tom’s career journey.
  • [50:22] Tom’s proudest moments in life.
  • [57:11] How to connect with Tom.

In this episode…

Metabolic disease is one of the curses of the human race and today’s guest, Tom Bilyeu is committed to eliminating it through the work of his company, Quest Nutrition. The Quest team is not only doing so through amazing nutritional products but also through human level research trials on animals with cancer to discover how dietary means can be used to starve cancer cells without invasive treatment.

On this episode of Inspired Insider Tom Bilyeu shares how he came from a very low, dark place and moved from fixed mindset to growth mindset for the purpose of having meaning and purpose in his life. That journey has taken him from the depths of despair to co-founder of one of the fastest growing companies in the world. You can hear his story on this episode.

The path that Tom Bilyeu walked in order to become the man who is convinced he will destroy metabolic disease was not an easy one. Tom had many personal demons to face and much in the way of his own limited perspective to overcome. In this conversation, you’ll hear Tom tell his own story about how he changed his thinking to change his life - and the incredible results that have come from it.

The possibilities Tom Bilyeu believes in for himself and his company extend to those he hires to work for him. When he’s interviewing people he’s looking for people who are willing to express their own selfish desires, the passions, and drivers behind their eyes that cause them to press forward. On this episode, you’ll hear one of the many stories of an employee who rose from a production line worker to starting his own company - much because of the “can do” culture of Quest.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your overall health based on metabolic science the products created by Quest Nutrition may be what you’re looking for. You can hear the Quest journey with one of its co-founders, Tom Bilyeu, on this episode of Inspired Insider.

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Being stressed out over cookbooks is a big part of what Laura Fuentes has experienced in her business journey. She is the founder of and food and lifestyle brand where big brands like Sabra Hummus, Nestle, Bobs Red Mill and many more hire her to reach over 700,000 unique visitors per month. Momables helps parents feed their children great tasting healthy foods without spending an eternity in the kitchen or breaking the bank. They provide weekly recipe plans, cookbooks like The Best Homemade Kid’s Snacks on the Planet,  and even partnered with a done for you meal delivery service.  Laura runs all of this while raising 3 kids.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:23] Jeremy’s introduction to Laura Fuentes and this episode.
  • [1:26] Laura’s lowest point and how she pushed through.
  • [5:30] The techniques Laura uses to cope with the stress.
  • [7:15] The proudest moments Laura has experienced.
  • [8:13] Mentors and colleagues Laura gets help from.

In this episode…

Being stressed out is never fun, no matter the reason. The stress is one of the things Laura Fuentes hates most about publishing cookbooks and recipe ideas. It’s not that she dislikes the resources she provides or the way it helps families. She really loves what she’s able to do to help busy families. What she hates is the pressure and detail that goes into each product and that it keeps her from doing the things she feels she’s really good at.

Laura Fuentes loves to do video editing and production and is very eager to establish herself and her brand by creating the systems and hiring the people that will enable her to quit being stressed over the business and do the things she loves to do.

On this episode Laura shares her journey and the lowest and highest points she’s experienced in building a company that is trusted by major brands and moms alike. You’re going to enjoy hearing Laura tell about what it’s taken to build a successful business while still being mom to 3 kids at home.

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Cameron Herold is the former COO of 1-800-Got-Junk. He helped grow the company from $2 million to $106 million in only six years without any debt or outside funding. He has helped build three $100 million dollar companies.

Today he is a top rated international speaker and he coaches CEOs on steps to multiply their revenue and profit.

He is best selling author of the book-- Double Double: How to Double your Revenue and Profit in 3 Years or Less --which is on its 7th printing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:37] Jeremy’s introduction of Cameron Herold, author of Double Double and founder of BackPocket COO.
  • [1:35] Some fun facts about Cameron.
  • [3:23] What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • [5:00] Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs.
  • [5:17] Lessons learned from his entrepreneurial family.
  • [6:24] The value of taking care of your employees.
  • [7:00] Working with entrepreneurs that truly care.
  • [8:17] Motivating your employees.
  • [10:16] The role of R&D.
  • [11:18] Hiring systems you found to be really powerful.
  • [13:15] The methodology behind finding top talent.
  • [14:19] Getting the best employees from other companies.
  • [17:24] The connection between College Pro Painter, Cameron, Elon Musk, and Kimbal Musk.
  • [18:37] Some innovations that have come across his desk over the years.
  • [20:28] Cameron’s connection to Burning Man.
  • [22:39] Cameron discusses You Barter.
  • [25:32] How Cameron got started in 1-800-Got-Junk.
  • [26:32] The vivid vision at 1-800-Got-Junk.
  • [29:42] How you can start now to create a vivid vision.
  • [30:30] The biggest mistakes people make in creating their vivid vision.
  • [31:17] Cameron explains the COO Alliance.
  • [32:53] Your vivid vision will attract people and will repel people.
  • [34:01] Some cool “war stories” from 1-800-Got-Junk.
  • [35:20] Coming up with what your unique ability is.
  • [39:00] Cameron discusses his book, Double Double.
  • [40:48] Some other books Cameron is working on.
  • [41:22] Raising entrepreneurs.
  • [42:35] The lowest point for Cameron.
  • [44:17] Learning to recognize the symptoms of stress.
  • [45:55] One of the proudest moments for Cameron.
  • [47:22] Some of the daily rituals that are important to Cameron’s success.

In this episode…

When it comes to building success as an entrepreneur, Cameron is a pro. From a very young age, Cameron had an entrepreneurial mindset. He came from a long line of entrepreneurs, including his father and both grandfathers. From the beginning, Cameron knew this was the life for him. He wanted to create a life of freedom and make a real impact on the people around him. Throughout this chat with Jeremy, Cameron discusses his path to entrepreneurship, including his time at 1-800-Got-Junk, coaching other entrepreneurs, and his best-selling book.

For Cameron, it wasn’t a matter of if he would be an entrepreneur, but when his dreams would come to fruition. He learned valuable lessons from his entrepreneurial family, including how to spot opportunity, taking control of your destiny, and the value of “wowing” your employees. Cameron discusses why it’s so important to take care of your employees and why this is a core value for him today. He also talks about the types of entrepreneurs he coaches and why he’s selective about who he’ll work with.

Cameron goes on to discuss his hiring system and why he focuses on hiring the best people. He shares insight into why he doesn’t believe in motivating employees, but hiring motivated employees instead. Cameron talks about some of his hiring techniques, the interview process, and why he truly focuses on getting beyond the what’s shared in a resume.

Cameron discusses the “Vivid Vision” and offers some tips to help you get started on your own vision. He shares insight into some of the biggest mistakes people make in creating their vivid vision and how to find out more about creating your own. Cameron offers insight into his daily rituals and why it’s been essential to find ways of de-stressing in order to stay focused and enjoy the life he’s created. In closing, Cameron discusses his low point and proudest moments, as well as what it’s like to be able to live the life he’s always dreamed of.

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Knowing how to fire someone is never a formulaic thing. That’s what Richard Baccus has learned over the year of running his business. Richard runs  ABC Vacuum Warehouse and Gruene Steam with his dad Ralph. ABC Vacuum  started in 1977 as a mail order vacuum business. They operate  a brick-and-mortar store as well as 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse and employ 28 staff. Since 2008 Gruene Steam provides alternatives to harsh chemical cleaning products because after decades in the retail floor business they knew there was a better way. They used German innovations to come up with  steam products to clean floors.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [0:11] Jeremy’s introduction to this week’s guest: Richard Baccus
  • [1:19] Richard’s lowest moment in business: having to let employees go.
  • [2:18] The high point in business: moving into a new facility.
  • [4:25] 30 years before the new facility was possible.
  • [4:41] The hardest part of Richard’s job as a CEO.
  • [5:51] The best and worst parts of working with his father.
  • [6:30] Richard’s advice about running effective e commerce business.
  • [7:45] One of the things Richard kept trying that finally worked.

In this episode…

On these “One Question” episodes of Inspired Insider Jeremy tries to dig deeply into the real life struggles of the entrepreneurial life. Richard Baccus tells why some of the most difficult things he has to deal with are the situations when an employee or team member has to be removed from the team.

It’s never easy to know how to fire someone and in over 30 years of doing business Richard Baccus has never found that it gets easier. But he knows by now that there are situations when reassignment or retraining simply don’t work and an employee has to be terminated.

In this conversation, Jeremy and Richard talk about the difficulties of letting an employee go and how the people on the team really are the most important resource a company has.


You’ll also hear some of the highest moments in Richard’s long career running ABC Vacuum Warehouse and how it took over 30 years to build to the point that a new, state of the art facility was a possibility. He also shares what the company has been able to do now that the new building is a reality.

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This is part of the Skubana Ecommerce Mastery Series</a> where top Sellers and Experts teach you what really works to boost your ecommerce business.

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