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James A. Cusumano is an American entertainer and entrepreneur. He was the lead singer for the recording group The Royal Teens, who released the songs “Short Shorts” and “Short Shorts Twist” in the 1950s and 60s.After receiving a PhD in physical chemistry, pursuing business studies at Harvard and Stanford, and receiving a fellowship at Churchill College at Cambridge University, he served as a research scientist and then Director of Catalysis R&D for Exxon.


Cusumano then co-founded Catalytica, Inc., a Silicon Valley company with business units in sustainable energy and pharmaceuticals. He served as President and CEO of Catalytica and then as its Chairman. He also served as Chairman and CEO of Catalytica Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Following this, Cusumano founded Chateau Wally Films and produced the 2001 feature film What Matters Most.


He next moved to Prague, where he and his wife and business partner, Inez, renovated a Czech chateau into a luxury hotel and retreat.

Cusumano is the author of several technical and business publications, including the books Balance: The Business-Life Connection and Cosmic Consciousness: A Journey to Well-being, Happiness and Success.



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Derek Johanson is the creator and founder of that is the work-your-ass-off copywriting course that's been featured on Forbes & Early To Rise.


He has helped several students go from 0 to 6 figures in under a year.

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Tom Szaky is one of the top eco-friendly entrepreneurs of the planet. Tom is the founder of Terracycle, a company which makes consumer products out of waste.


His company collected over 1.5 million cigarette butts in a year and 500 million juice pouches. They make goods out of garbage from backpacks to fence posts and much more.

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Carline Anglade-Cole generates millions in royalties creating huge multi-year controls for Healthy Directions, Cawood & Associates, Health Resources, True Health, Boardroom and all the other top health publishers in the country.


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JD Roth grew to over million visitors per month, became one of Time Magazine's Top 25 bloggers, and sold his site for more money that he dreamed was possible. It was not as easy as that and he is going to talk about some of the mistakes along the journey.

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Steve Plummer  is one of Australia’s highest paid and in-demand copywriters. He is the personal copywriter for Australia’s “Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery. Steve is responsible for 10s of millions of dollars in sales . His last real estate campaign was at $9 million in sales and he wrote the copy for the Harry Dent which was a multi-million dollar event.

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Dr. Glenn Livingston is the founder of the International Coach Certification Academy. He has more experience in both coaching and business development than the founders of virtually any other coach certification program on the planet.


Together with his wife and cofounder Dr Sharon Livingston, they  have sold over $30,000,000 in consulting services to major brands like AT&T, American Express, L’Oreal and many more.  They are among the few ‘marketing psychologists' that billion-dollar companies have used to crawl deep inside their prospects' minds and uncover exactly what customers were desperate to buy and how to improve profits on existing product lines.

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John McIntyre is one of the top email marketers.  He is known as the autoresponder guy and he helps entrepreneurs increase their email profits by 25-100% in 90 days with no advertising.

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