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John Dwyer (JD) is the Founder of The Institute of Wow. He has created marketing that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients.  JD has advised McDonald's, KFC, Westfield, and many others and has also worked closely with the Walt Disney & Warner Bros. Entertainment empires in Australia. He has been called the Seinfeld Guy because he scored huge by getting Jerry Seinfeld as the spokesman for a client  in Australia when Jerry had only done two other advertising campaigns up until then, for Amex & Microsoft.



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David Kekich is a recognized authority on longevity science. He founded the Maximum Life Foundation ( in 1999 and is dedicated to curing aging related diseases. He is also CEO of Age Reversal inc. and Scycog


They have a team of world renowned scientists and researchers working on cutting edge health innovations.


He has been featured in several prominent  life extension documentaries, tv and radio.


He is the author of   Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100?: New skin. New hair. New YOU... 7 simple Steps to thrive at 100... and beyond.

Before Maximum Life Foundation.... David founded a life insurance company  and  co-founded a major financial services company.

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Ron Popeil is one of the legends of infomercials and direct response marketing. Over the last 40 years, Ron's products have pulled in more than $2 billion in sales. He is the most famous for products and infomercials like the Showtime Rotisserie where he says “Set it an forget it”, the Chop-O-Matic, Veg-O-Matic, Food Dehydrator and for using the phrase "But wait, there's more".

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Steve Sipress is a top direct response marketer and has built nearly a dozen successful companies including Simulated Sports Services, Winners Circle Promotions, and many more.  How can you use The WOW! Strategy™ to help increase sales and marketing.



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Michael Hauge is one of the top story experts for Hollywood writers, filmmakers, studios, and business leaders. He is the founder of and has coached producers and stars for the past 35 years.  He has worked on  I Am Legend, Hancock and The Karate Kid for Will Smith and Overbrook Entertainment; Masters of the Universe for Columbia Pictures and has worked on projects for Julia Roberts, Morgan Freeman and many more.


Michael is the best selling author of Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds and the book  Writing Screenplays That Sell.

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Bill Murphy was the founder of an online training for poker players that did six  figures its first week and generated millions of dollars. He scaled up to 20

e-commerce stores in under a year automating and outsourcing the entire operation. He trains people on business and ecommerce at and

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Brian Massey is a Top Conversion and Optimization Expert and is known as the Conversion Scientist.


In his over 20 year career he optimizes clients websites to increase their revenue and leads.

They have worked with companies such as the bar code company, college universities, and  addiction treatment centers to name a few.

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AJ Forsythe is Founder of iCracked which is a worldwide iPhone/iPod/iPad repair and buyback company with over 340 on-demand iTechs in 10 countries. He was voted Inc Coolest College startup of 2012.


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Steve Wexler is one of America's leading direct response copywriters. He has helped his clients generate millions of dollars with his control beating packages With his decades of experience he has created everything from successful direct mail packages to print ads, website copy and even radio.

He talks about some tough moments in life and business.

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